Florida, the object of my affection

I imagine a conversation between Juan Ponce de Leon and his childhood buddy Vasco da Gama in 1513 would go something like this:

“Hey, Vas, I just discovered the most beautiful place, filled with lush vegetation and white sandy beaches. I didn’t find gold, but the weather was perfect. I couldn’t locate the fountain of youth, either, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. I named it Florida, for ‘place of flowers.’ ”

“Are you kidding me, Juan? Granted, I haven’t actually been, but I hate your “Florida.” Sure, the climate was great — because you were there in April. Try visiting in the summer. It’s the heat and the humidity, and don’t forget the mosquitoes. Aren’t you bright enough to know those beaches will be lined with condos in no time? And I can tell you there’s no fountain of youth, because look at all the old people. At least half of them are over 35.”

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