Family FunDay at the Matheson History Museum

Celebrate over 1,500 years of history at the Matheson History Museum’s Family FunDay on Sunday, January 25, 2015 from 1-4 pm. This event will celebrate the Matheson History Museum’s new permanent exhibition entitled Exploring Our Native Heritage which features a 1,500 year-old Timucuan Canoe. Take a journey into a Timucuan village with a twenty-two foot by sixteen foot mural by local artist and educator Stacy Breheny. Step into the rituals of the Timucuan people with a lesson and performance by Tribal Nature Dance of Williston Florida. Explore the daily lives of Gainesville’s founding families with authentic dress and artifacts from Dudley Farm. Learn about the environment the Timucuan Native American called home with informational activities by Alachua Conservation Trust. Explore the story of our local waterways with exhibitions by the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department. Learn about the process of curating the exhibition with commentary by both the Curator, Megan Mosley and the muralist, Stacy Breheny. Enjoy family friendly activities including face painting, tattoos, arts and crafts. The sixteen foot dugout canoe was not built by individuals but by the members of Gainesville’s original community. It is the Gainesville community which is celebrated at this event. This exhibition not only encompasses the story of Florida’s Native heritage, but historic preservation process as well. Restoring and preserving the Canoe was truly a community effort. In 2011, Bill Cason recovered the canoe from a dried basin of Trout Pond located in Northwestern Alachua County. Approximately 90% of the canoe is still intact. A sample was submitted to Forest Products Laboratory of the USDA for wood identification and the canoe is currently 1,470 years old. The canoe was carved form a single log of pine and hollowed out with fire. See evidence of chop marks on the interior of the canoe. It was often the children and the elders of the tribe who were responsible for burning out the center of the canoe. Just as it took an entire community of people to build the canoe, it took many partnerships to make this exhibition possible. The extensive process of preserving the canoe was guided by Donna Ruhl who is a Collections Manager the Florida Museum of Natural History. Cason Builders Inc. created a space for the canoe to be displayed at the Matheson History Museum. Stacy Braheny created a large mural which transports the museum visitor to a Timucuan village. Join us in this celebration of the Alachua County community and history.

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1:00pm - 4:00pm January 25, 2015 - January 25, 2015


Matheson History Museum
513 East University Avenue
Gainesville , FL 32601

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